Who is Laurie Marshall?

I am a helper to a fault. I am a listener, always. I am a communicator. I am a supporter of others, both through my work with nonprofit organizations and in my personal relationships. I strongly believe that everyone has a purpose, and mine is to be of service.

In the leadership positions I have held, I have worked with people from different backgrounds, with differing political ideologies and religious affiliations to find common ground and work toward what is best for the group as a whole. I will draw on these experiences to inform my work as a public official by listening to those who ask for my help, by learning as much as I can about the subjects I’m asked to consider, and by considering the needs of all of my community, not just the preferences of a few.

I believe now is not the time to wait for challenges to come along and address them as they appear – that has gone on for too long – now is the time to look forward and work with stakeholders in Northwest Arkansas to find answers to some of the difficult challenges faced by a quickly-growing and highly diverse region. It will be my pleasure to hear from my constituents and to answer questions they have about the activities of their Quorum Court, and to offer transparency and proactive leadership to Washington County.

Hard things can be accomplished, but it takes all of us working together to be successful. And it takes someone willing to take the first step. I hope you will take time to get to know me, and I look forward to getting to know you.

For you visual folks, here’s a little photo gallery that communicates something about who I am. Images speak volumes, as they say, and I do love a good Instagram post.

  • Image of a coffee cup with a planner and pens
  • Image of a shirt that reads Practice Militant Optimism
  • Image of woman and teenaged boy in front of a public art installation
  • Image of a marquee at the Apollo in downtown Springdale, AR
  • Image of a group of people in an improv troupe
  • Image of a woman in a Lions Club vest
  • Image of a man and woman
  • Image of woman kissing her toddler
  • Image of woman with a young girl
  • Image of a mini dachsund
  • Image of an orange cat
  • Image of a woman and a female soldier
  • Image of a collection of stones
  • Image of a creek
  • Image of a sunset
  • Image of peach and white iris bloom
  • Image of bicycle in front of a public art piece at Arts Center of the Ozarks
  • Image of a dirt road
  • Image of vintage photo of Fayetteville High School majorettes
  • Image of a photo and caption in a newspaper
  • Image of crowd with a sign that says Y'all Means All

Let’s work together!

Paid for by Laurie Marshall for Washington County
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