Monday Musts

Art for Nice White Parents podcast

Last week I added a post to my Facebook page called a “Monday Must”. Think, “must do”, “must eat”, “must read”… you get the idea. I thought it would be fun to create one each week, so today’s “Monday Must” is a Must Listen. I discovered a new podcast called Nice White Parents that is a production of the same folks who create the Serial podcast (another favorite).

It’s an episodic podcast, meaning they tell a story across a season in individual episodes. This one is about desegregation of schools in NYC, but it also takes a broader look at desegregation of schools across the country in the years following the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision. Specifically though, it focuses on the impact “nice white parents” have in communities of color where they insert themselves and proceed to “help”.

I am all about learning more about things that I was too young to understand as they happened. When I was young, so much was happening in my community, my schools, for women, for Black people… things that weren’t discussed around our dinner table, but that were absolutely impacting my daily life in ways I couldn’t understand then.

I believe this kind of continued learning is vital, because I can’t pretend that I can make educated decisions for a community that doesn’t all look like me if I am not willing to listen to stories that do not sound like mine.

If you listen, let me know what you think!

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Writer, artist, and creative hobby collector. Living in NW Arkansas, dreaming of the Oregon coast.

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