And away we go!

This week begins the formal campaign season for candidates in state and county races in Arkansas. A lot of planning is involved in the lead-up to this point, but this is where the rubber meets the road, to use a NASCAR analogy (thanks, Dad!).

On Tuesday I joined a handful of my fellow Washington County JP candidates by filing the paperwork and paying the fee to be included on the ballot as the official Democratic candidate for Justice of the Peace, District 3, Washington County, Arkansas. The same day, I found out I will have an opponent, so the race suddenly got very real. The incumbent in the position has decided not to run, but the Republican party has found someone who has decided, as I have, to take their dedication to service to the next level as a public servant.

Today, I’m working on writing a press release to be sent out to local media outlets, and also some other words that I need to be able to use as I meet my district; who I am, why I’m running, what I plan to do as JP, etc… A lot of that third one will depend on what I hear from my constituents as I meet them over the next year, but I definitely have some ideas already that can give me a jumping off point.

Fundraising Update: Last week I asked supporters to make contributions to my campaign to put $500 in the bank before I filed, and you totally came through for me. I can’t tell you how humbling it is to know people believe in my candidacy so much they are willing to send me some of their hard-earned dollars. My bank balance is sitting at $545, and I’m feeling confident, and grateful. Thank you for your support.

The next thing I need is help getting the word out. If you live in my district and are willing to help me put together some coffee shop stops that will allow me to meet potential voters, please do get in touch. I don’t have a solid plan yet, but the more folks that are involved, the more this campaign will be about US, rather than ME. And that’s exactly how I believe it should be.

Published by Laurie M. Marshall

Writer, artist, and creative hobby collector. Living in NW Arkansas, dreaming of the Oregon coast.

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